A short film on the Marin Cemetery Apparition and EVP.

For those of you who have yet to see our video and EVP from the Marin Hospital Cemetery, here the link for your consideration.

Lead investigators, Iza Ellis & Robin Adams recorded a class A EVP, and full-body apparition in January of this year.

This video is comprised of photographic stills and the actual recording from that night.

Your feedback is always appreciated. So, listen and watch, then let us know what you think.


Full Body Apparition in the Marin Hospital Cemetery

Welcome to A Woman’s Intuition Society for Paranormal Research! (via awispr)

Please follow the link to our short video with an intelligent EVP, and full body apparition captured on the grounds of the former Marin County Hospital.

Welcome to A Woman's Intuition Society for Paranormal Research! aWISPR is a group of women from Marin County, California who share a common interest in paranormal research.  Together we have investigated locations throughout California and Nevada, in search of the truth, and evidence of, haunted places, ghosts, the afterlife and all things paranormal. Our investigations to date have included: The Was … Read More

via awispr

A UFO over Hamilton Airfield?

In December of 2010, while taking scenic photographs at the decommissioned Hamilton Airfield, in Novato, California, lead investigator, Iza Ellis, inadvertently snapped two pictures of an apparent UFO in the skies to the south of the main airfield. The UFO was not immediately noticed in the pictures, but discovered at a later date, during some photo filing.

The photographs were taken on an iPhone and are shown here at the original resolution and zoomed in for closer inspection. In the first image, you’ll notice a brightly illuminated object in the upper right area of the picture. In the second image, you’ll notice how the object is much dimmer, and appears to have moved further away. For reference, the city skyline in the distance is roughly 25 miles away. The clouds are at various elevations, anywhere from 1000 – 30,000 feet.

Click on pictures to enlarge:

Brightly illuminated object.

Object is dimmer, and appears farther away.

Enlarging the images reveals a reflective object in the sky. In the first enlargement, you’ll notice that the object has a luminosity much brighter than the surrounding area suggestive of a metal or other reflective material. The second enlargement reveals a distinct shape and structural evidence of an actual object. The elapsed time between each image suggests the object was moving to the south at a much faster rate than an airplane would be observed to travel.

Enlarged, but unaltered.

Startling detail and distinct shape are visible.

The images, at the very least, leave us curious about this unidentified flying object. We invite you to draw your own conclusions.

If you have images you would like to share, of similar objects, please feel free to contact me, and I will be happy to post them.

Spirit Orbs, Mists and other Strange Anomaly in the Barn

UPDATE 3/18/2011:

Upon returning to the barn, late on the evening of the 16th, one of our investigators reported seeing the male apparition, in full body form.  A very cold air swirl past her, which made the hair on her arms stand up.  She turned and saw him walking down the breeze way, away from her. She described him as wearing a long dark coat, and a wide brim, flat top hat. He turned the corner, and disappeared. After the sighting, our investigator reports feeling agitated, uneasy and angry.  She finished putting her horse away for the night, and left the barn.

Additional plans are being made to conduct a video investigation in the coming weeks.

On Friday, March 11, 2011 an investigation was conducted at a private barn in Marin County, California.  Horse owners at the barn had reported strange happenings that include; shadow people, phantom cigarette smoke (smoking is prohibited in the barn), and a presence that does not respect personal space.  Several years earlier, a woman died in a car accident, where she drove off the road on the edge of the property. She struggled to free herself from the wreckage, but perished before rescuers could find her.  People in at the ranch believe her spirit may contribute to the paranormal activity.

The owner of the barn requested that we not disclose the exact location or name of the ranch, which we will respect.

We began at 9PM, on a still and clear evening, with a yellow moon high in the sky, and the horses settled down for the night.  Tonight, we were accompanied by a Sensitive, who keeps her horse in the barn, she reported being touched, and observing dark, shadow people, as well as a man wearing a duster and hat. I noticed right away a calm, and eerie quiet in the barn as we began to take photographs, and use our digital voice recorder.

Now granted, barns are usually quite dusty, so many of the “orbs” we photographed could be debunked as particulate matter in the air. However, we captured some orbs giving off extraordinary light and color.  We also captured misty ectoplasm and in one instance, we witnessed (yet did not capture) an intelligent light anomaly that reflected red in the focus beam of my digital camera, as it darted in and out of the view finder.

We all agreed that the presence was male, and the odor of cigarette smoke was evident at one point. The energy seemed benevolent in nature, as the horses were calm and peaceful despite the digital flashes. Although we could not illicit an intelligent audible response to our questions, we did observe dark shadows ahead of us as we moved about in the pitch black breeze way.

The first mist that was captured was a bit startling, as it manifested so quickly with a density that was unexpected.  It also disappeared as quickly.  These two images were taken less than 10 seconds apart, and as you can see, the mist had dissipated entirely.

A fully manifested ectoplasm appeared directly in front of the camera.

The fully manifested mist had disappeared within 10 seconds of the first image.

(We tested the possibility of our breath being the cause of this extraordinary mist, and we were unable to recreate the same effect).

Outside, the air was still, so the presence of false orbs, due to dust and water vapor in the air was much more evident.  However, I captured this lacy, fine mist, hovering near one of the pole paddocks connected to the interior stalls.

This fine, lacy mist appeared near one of the pole paddocks. Notice the increase of dust in the air.

I experienced an odd malfunction with my digital camera on more than one occasion during this investigation, when the camera could not focus momentarily.  I believe this was due to unseen movement or electromagnetic  interference.  This is an example of such an occurrence.  The two images were taken within 5 seconds of each other

Out of focus image.

In focus image, seconds later

Here are two images of orbs which do not appear to be dust or other air pollution.  The one near the office door, struck me with its glow and intensity. The second image appears to be a photograph of rare twin orbs.

Orb near office door

Rare twin orbs

Finally, I captured this long, wispy mist that reaches nearly 8′ tall near a tack trunk in the breeze way. This area seemed ripe with activity. Perhaps due to a quarantine area of the barn.

Mist near tack trunk in quarantine area of the barn

This investigation did not produce apparitions or definitive voice phenomenon. It did, however, show evidence of a presence that moved about freely, and at times intelligently.

There will be a follow-up investigation at this location in the near future.

The Japanese “Great Quake” of March 10, 2011

Tsunami warning sign on seawall in Kamakura, J...

Image via Wikipedia

The massive earthquake, and subsequent devastating Tsunami that struck Japan was the worst in Japanese history. At a staggering 9.0, the “Great Quake” has wrought destruction throughout the entire island nation.

Fears persist around the Fukushima nuclear power plant, and the radiation emitted from the damaged reactors. As a bystander, I can only hope that the officials at the plant are able to contain the core, and spent fuel rods.

As I watched the events unfold on live television, I was stunned by the force of nature, as the tsunami swept across the countryside, and into the cities and towns of Japan. I am astonished by the power and indiscriminate annihilation of everything in the path of these walls of water, mud, and debris. This event has left me feeling insignificant and weak. The impact will diminish over time, but I vow to not forget how magnificent the world we live on truly is.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the citizens of Japan. We wish everyone affected by this disaster a calm and peaceful recovery.


Robin Leigh Adams

Haunted Charleston Tour with Black Cat Tours!

In December of last year, I visited Charleston, South Carolina, considered to be one of “America’s Most Haunted” cities.  I spent several hours one morning roaming through some of Charleston’s many cemeteries and graveyards, during which time, I photographed a strange ‘white mist’ in the graveyard of the First Presbyterian Church, which was founded in 1731.

First Presbyterian Church Graveyard

In the evening, I chose to take the Black Cat Tours, ‘Haunted Charleston’ guided tour, in an effort to make the best use of my limited amount of time to investigate.  Our guide, Rebel Sinclair, led our small group along a path of interesting tales, dark alley ways, and down one of the oldest streets in Charleston, where I captured three small orbs.

Three small orbs.

Our tour continued on to St. Phillips Church, and the attached graveyard, with the annexed cemetery, across Church Street.  St. Phillips Church is said to be haunted by a groundskeeper, who died when he fell from scaffolding around the steeple, defending the church from a fire.  This image is of a pale blue, orb in motion, along with two other smaller orbs near the steeple.  I took several images of the steeple and this is the only one with orbs.  I love the movement, and intensity of the blue orb.

Moving blue orb near the church steeple.

Another stop along the tour is this alleyway, referred to as ‘Blood Alley.’ So named for the many duels that were fought on this backstreet of a Charleston saloon.  Local residents say they can still here hushed voices, and gunshots, and many have claimed to have seen the ghosts of those who died in their duel. The alley was alive with orbs, as you can see by this image.

Are these the spirit orbs of those who died in duels on Blood Alley?

Finally, the follow two images were taken in the St. Phillips Cemetery, on Church Street.  In the first image there appears to be an apparition, floating above the headstones, towards the rear of the image.  The image seems to show a profile of a face, atop the shoulders of a ghostly figure.  The second image was taken seconds later, after I moved several steps to my right, the apparition is no longer apparent here.

Apparition in the St. Phillips Cemetery

Floating apparition is no longer visable

I want to thank Rebel Sinclair of Black Cat Tours for an amazing evening of storytelling, history and a glimpse into the Haunted side of Charleston!

One tour was not nearly enough to uncover all that Charleston has to offer.  I look forward to more explorations and discovery on my next visit to the Lowcountry of South Carolina.

Wrought Iron Gate in Historic Charleston.

Stormy Weather

Hello Whispers,

Marin County Storm



The storms are lined up off the California coast today, and snow is expected down to 2000′ tonight. It’s a good day to stay hunkered down, and do some paranormal research.

Getting the back story of the places we visit, and those we plan to visit helps me verify the facts. I looked up the story of Martin “Mike” Tovey and discovered that his stagecoach was held up more than once. In fact he was shot and wounded in a robbery back in 1850. During that hold-up, he was shot in the arm, and sought shelter in a nearby farm-house. Three years later, he was murdered on the stage from Jackson to Ione, California.

Here’s a copy of the newspaper, with the report on the 1850 hold-up. It’s really cool to check out the writing style, and ads, too.

The Daily Record-Union, September 7, 1850

We’re hoping the rain lets up by the weekend, so we can visit the Piedmont Cemetery in Oakland, California.

Where ever you are, I hope the weather is kind to you. Let me know if you plan on any paranormal adventures this weekend.

Stay vigilant,