A short film on the Marin Cemetery Apparition and EVP.

For those of you who have yet to see our video and EVP from the Marin Hospital Cemetery, here the link for your consideration.

Lead investigators, Iza Ellis & Robin Adams recorded a class A EVP, and full-body apparition in January of this year.

This video is comprised of photographic stills and the actual recording from that night.

Your feedback is always appreciated. So, listen and watch, then let us know what you think.


Full Body Apparition in the Marin Hospital Cemetery

Welcome to A Woman’s Intuition Society for Paranormal Research! (via awispr)

Please follow the link to our short video with an intelligent EVP, and full body apparition captured on the grounds of the former Marin County Hospital.

Welcome to A Woman's Intuition Society for Paranormal Research! aWISPR is a group of women from Marin County, California who share a common interest in paranormal research.  Together we have investigated locations throughout California and Nevada, in search of the truth, and evidence of, haunted places, ghosts, the afterlife and all things paranormal. Our investigations to date have included: The Was … Read More

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A UFO over Hamilton Airfield?

In December of 2010, while taking scenic photographs at the decommissioned Hamilton Airfield, in Novato, California, lead investigator, Iza Ellis, inadvertently snapped two pictures of an apparent UFO in the skies to the south of the main airfield. The UFO was not immediately noticed in the pictures, but discovered at a later date, during some photo filing.

The photographs were taken on an iPhone and are shown here at the original resolution and zoomed in for closer inspection. In the first image, you’ll notice a brightly illuminated object in the upper right area of the picture. In the second image, you’ll notice how the object is much dimmer, and appears to have moved further away. For reference, the city skyline in the distance is roughly 25 miles away. The clouds are at various elevations, anywhere from 1000 – 30,000 feet.

Click on pictures to enlarge:

Brightly illuminated object.

Object is dimmer, and appears farther away.

Enlarging the images reveals a reflective object in the sky. In the first enlargement, you’ll notice that the object has a luminosity much brighter than the surrounding area suggestive of a metal or other reflective material. The second enlargement reveals a distinct shape and structural evidence of an actual object. The elapsed time between each image suggests the object was moving to the south at a much faster rate than an airplane would be observed to travel.

Enlarged, but unaltered.

Startling detail and distinct shape are visible.

The images, at the very least, leave us curious about this unidentified flying object. We invite you to draw your own conclusions.

If you have images you would like to share, of similar objects, please feel free to contact me, and I will be happy to post them.

The Japanese “Great Quake” of March 10, 2011

Tsunami warning sign on seawall in Kamakura, J...

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The massive earthquake, and subsequent devastating Tsunami that struck Japan was the worst in Japanese history. At a staggering 9.0, the “Great Quake” has wrought destruction throughout the entire island nation.

Fears persist around the Fukushima nuclear power plant, and the radiation emitted from the damaged reactors. As a bystander, I can only hope that the officials at the plant are able to contain the core, and spent fuel rods.

As I watched the events unfold on live television, I was stunned by the force of nature, as the tsunami swept across the countryside, and into the cities and towns of Japan. I am astonished by the power and indiscriminate annihilation of everything in the path of these walls of water, mud, and debris. This event has left me feeling insignificant and weak. The impact will diminish over time, but I vow to not forget how magnificent the world we live on truly is.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the citizens of Japan. We wish everyone affected by this disaster a calm and peaceful recovery.


Robin Leigh Adams

Mare Island Chapel Orbs

Mare Island

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The oldest military chapel in the United State. The windows are by Tiffany. We entered the chapel with our guide, Joyce, and began shooting pictures. These are not dust or bugs, as the interior of the church was spotless, and very still.

Multiple orbs in the aisle.

Multiple Orbs at the alter

Tell us about your paranormal experiences!

"Edw[ar]d Kelly, a Magician. in the Act o...

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Have you ever, or are you now experiencing something you may believe to be paranormal?  AWISPR encourages you to tell us about these experiences.

These experiences may be things that go bump in the night, or glimpses of shadow people as seen out of the corner of your eye. Do you feel uneasy, or ill in certain rooms or areas of your home or workplace?  These feelings may be associated with changes in the Electromagnetic Field, which are attributed to ghosts or spirits,  and are manifested in chills, goosebumps or sudden body tremors.  Do you know the history of your home, or place of work?

It is our experience that spirits not only attach themselves to people, but also to places and buildings.  Often times, these spirits may become disturbed by recent renovation or demolition to a building.  In the case of personal attachments, these experiences are usually more emotional in nature.