The Japanese “Great Quake” of March 10, 2011

Tsunami warning sign on seawall in Kamakura, J...

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The massive earthquake, and subsequent devastating Tsunami that struck Japan was the worst in Japanese history. At a staggering 9.0, the “Great Quake” has wrought destruction throughout the entire island nation.

Fears persist around the Fukushima nuclear power plant, and the radiation emitted from the damaged reactors. As a bystander, I can only hope that the officials at the plant are able to contain the core, and spent fuel rods.

As I watched the events unfold on live television, I was stunned by the force of nature, as the tsunami swept across the countryside, and into the cities and towns of Japan. I am astonished by the power and indiscriminate annihilation of everything in the path of these walls of water, mud, and debris. This event has left me feeling insignificant and weak. The impact will diminish over time, but I vow to not forget how magnificent the world we live on truly is.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the citizens of Japan. We wish everyone affected by this disaster a calm and peaceful recovery.


Robin Leigh Adams

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